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Concave Concept
Concave Concept
Introducing Concave Concept

Wheels born
from the love of the automotive form.

Equally at home on the street and time attacking or drifting on the most famous tracks and roads around the world. We believe a piece of mind is paramount to your decision to purchase, we offer a full year warranty to ensure that your car and your passengers are safe.


Our wheels are the right choice for your ride.


Passing all wheel standards, our wheels are very strong and can take whatever you throw at it!


Engineered to be light-weight using advanced techniques to reduce the unsprung weight of your car


The latest styles to match your ride are at prices that are affordable and represent great value.


We’ve been making wheels for over 7 years, with fresh designs and offer local support.

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About us

We've got thousands of enthusiasts rocking our wheels, all around the world. From the United states, all across Asia and Europe, we're well-known across forums for both Euro, Jap, Australian and American makes. Check out our customer gallery to have a look.

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More about our wheels

What makes them great and unique

Our patented DUAL lip allows you to achieve that squat stance while running optimal rubber sizes for your ride. The barrel’s setback from the lip has been carefully considered to produce an even more enviable look when the rim is spinning.


Exclusive to Concave Concept
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Get that extra concavity and deep look

The extra lip allows the wheel to extend past the traditional lip giving us the ability to stretch out the spokes to allow you to get that extra aggressive look while running the correct and desired sizes and widths.
  • Up to 10% extra concavity
  • Maintains strength
  • Additional clearance
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Enthusiasts from around the world desire a wheel that is not only captivating to the eye, but built for form and function. The process of creating the best concave wheels involves a mix of complex engineering and high-grade technology.

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Made Strong

A balanced combination of heat and pressure upon the rim barrel alters the mechanical properties of the wheel to get the desired effect: increased strength and weight reduction of up to 15 percent.

Big brake kits easily cleared & great stance

Extreme care was taken to ensure that the offsets, faces and widths available will clear nearly all brake (stock and BBK) and hub locators. Of course with the maximum concavity possible for your ride is a given.

//The looks


With a variety of modern, aggressive and classy looks, there is something that will match your ride perfectly.
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